Dear friends,

On behalf of MHOH Foundation we are very glad to start our newest exciting project - The Fitting Room! Our premium outlet store will present to our group members a new series of exciting items priced below 100 L$.

Every four weeks we will give an exclusive opportunity for varied designers to showcase their best promotional creations in order to get grid-wide attention from Second Life residents!

Modern economical crisis' has placed a print on the Second Life market. People are investing less real life money into virtual worlds. Thus we believe that price bonuses are a good way for vendors to attract permanent customers!

The Fitting Room is situated at the Passage de Mode that provides a high standard space for our premium outlet which gives even more advantages to our vendors. Customers visiting can enjoy the luxurious and cozy atmosphere while choosing their next purchase.

If you would like to apply as a vendor, please fill up our application. We accept "men", "women", "house & garden" vendors.

Thank you!